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Callo: Nokia N82-controlled robot would be the best mobile dock ever

Move over Nabaztag, we want a Callo. Ji-Dong Yim and Christopher Shaw from Simon Fraser University in Canada have been working on a mobile-controlled robot called Cally for over a year. Cally is capable of tracking people’s faces and can be used as an “annoying” alarm clock. Recently Ji-Dong Yim built Cally a brother called Callo (pictured above), which boasts some very cool features.

Yim has programmed Callo’s Nokia N82-powered ‘brain’ to make anthropomorphic gestures when it receives a call or text message. Callo can also track and mimic hand gestures (second video down) and it can be controlled by another robot during a video call (first video). It’s only a student project but we wish we could buy it. Get a move on manufacturers, we want intelligent robotic mobile docks and we want them now.



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