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Calorific: Colour-coded calorie counting Android app

For those who wage wars on their waistlines with military precision, move along, there’s nothing to see here. For the rest of us who don’t micromanage every aspect of our meals, there’s apps like Calorific.

Calorific is a neat diet tracking app that allows you to quickly jot down your daily intake on your Android phone with a simple 2-click process.

The first step allows you to rate is for how healthy the food is (green, yellow or red) with green being the healthiest. The second click is for size of the meal (small, medium or large).

Tapping the history button gives you a quick overview of what you’ve eaten so far, the idea being that you aim to have around 50% of your daily intake consisting of green meals.

Calorific isn’t an exact science, more of a visual aid to encourage you to eat healthily.

Now that we’re about halfway through September shops and advertisers will start cracking out the Christmas goodies – which reminds us that pretty much everybody puts on a couple of pounds over the festive period. So to anticipate the dietary apocalypse of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we’re downloading Calorific and passing on that steak lunch.


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