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Camera Demon review: the portable action camera mount

If you are a fan of outdoor sports like mountain biking, skateboarding and skiing Camera Demon is the accessory for you. Small enough to fit into a pocket, it attaches a compact camera to a helmet for easy point-of-view action filming.

Comprised of two segments, the base attaches using a high-bonding pad, which can be detached later using heat from a hair dryer. The base is slightly curved, so in order to find the correct position move it along the ridge of the helmet ensuring there are no gaps.

Camera Demon

The other segment screws into the tripod thread of a compact camera, which clicks onto the base. It’s fully adjustable, rotating through 360-degrees so you can tilt the camera forward and backwards to get the right angle.

We tried Camera Demon while karting and it works incredibly well. Camera Demon’s creators suggest leaving the bonded pad for 24 hours – we didn’t have 24 hours – but even after an hour of fierce racing around the track, subjected to bumps and knocks, the camera stayed firmly attached. The quality of the footage will vary depending on the camera – but the overall result is exciting and immersive, giving a sense of immediacy.

Camera Demon takes a bit of practice to use. Select the right video settings and turn it on before you put the helmet on and it can be pretty tricky to get the right filming angle – you really need a second person to check the angle, alternatively try some test filming.

Overall we’re really impressed with Camera Demon. Priced £24.95 it’s a relatively inexpensive way to quickly capture action footage and a lot cheaper than a GoPro.  We’d like to see it supplied with more bonding pads – one isn’t enough if you are renting helmets on daily basis, but according to Camera Demon’s makers, more pads will be available soon. At the moment Camera Demon is designed for compact cameras, but we’ve heard rumours a smartphone version is on the way.

Camera Demon is available from Proporta.


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