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Cancelled Nokia Windows RT tablet spotted in the wild

There were one or two rumours in the past that indicated that Nokia might be working on a Windows RT tablet, and the company has even expressed interest in that particular market. Nokia ultimately didn’t release a tablet, but we may be seeing a first glimpse of what could have been in pictures posted to a Korean forum are to be believed.

The Verge has relayed alleged pictures of the unreleased Nokia tablet from Naver Cafe, confirming that the company was working on a 10-inch Windows RT tablet that was eventually scrapped in favour of a full Windows 8 version. The tablet is said to feature a Tegra 3 processor, LTE connectivity, and HDMI and USB ports.

The design language seems to match what Nokia has been using on its Windows Phones too, with what looks to be matte polycarbonate adorning the back of the tablet. The tablet seems to be fully functional as well, with the screenshots showing off Windows RT running without any issue. Otherwise, there’s not much that can be taken away from the images – at the end of the day, it’s still a Windows RT tablet.

And it’s probably a good thing that Nokia scrapped the Windows RT version. That particular version of Windows – designed for ARM tablets – seems to have floundered in the marketplace, with vendors shunning RT in favour of full Windows 8. We’ll have to wait and see if Nokia will follow through and deliver a Windows 8 tablet of its own, but Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a pretty good option in the meantime.


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