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Addicted to Candy Crush? You’re officially smart

Maths boffins have officially declared that Candy Crush, the addictive and insanely popular mobile phone app, is a double-hard game that takes real smarts to conquer.

If you’re a Candy Crush aficionado you now have extra bragging rights, as an Aussie expert declares that it belongs in a class of tricky mathematical problems, where finding a solution can be very difficult. What’s more, playing Candy Crush could potentially be used to solve real-life maths problems – chew on that, Candy haters!

Candy Crush proved to be a double-hard game

Toby Walsh at the University of New South Wales spent some serious time with a version of Candy Crush Saga, using an unrestricted board size. He discovered that manipulating the board to obtain a certain score was just as tough as the Boolean satisfiability problem, an NP-hard brainteaser studied by computer scientists. 

For anyone interested, NP-Hard stands for ‘Non-deterministic Polynomial-time Hard’. But we prefer ‘Nut-Punchingly Hard’.

The long and short is, Candy Crush is tougher than an elephant’s y-fronts, and you’re bloody smart if you play it (or at least, if you play it well). What’s more, boffins could potentially smuggle maths problems into Candy Crush-style games, to get us plebs to solve them on their behalf.

“It would be interesting to see if we can profit from the time humans spend solving Candy Crush problems,” said Walsh. “Perhaps we can put this to even better use by hiding some practical NP-hard problems within these puzzles?”


Source: New Scientist


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