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Caption competition: What is going on in the Recombu office? Seriously?

It’s a question I ask myself daily, but today I’ve got to widen the net. I can’t work it out – what on earth are Andrew and Tom up to?

Come up with your wittiest caption, post it in the comments and you’ll be in with a chance to win the Very Exciting Secret Mystery Prize!!!

Well, it was going to be exciting and secret and mysterious after I’d had a rummage through the cupboards to see what we’ve got kicking about, but apparently the lawyers don’t like that. So what you’ll actually win is a Jawbone Prime Bluetooth headset worth a bank-account-busting £50. With ninja Noise Assassin noise-cancellation and a rather lovely metallic look, it’s one of the best Bluetooth headsets around. Plus it comes packaged in a really useful plastic box which can double as a small cupboard.

And you’ll also enjoy that smug feeling of satisfaction as you’re crowned Most Hilarious Recombu Reader, for a short while at least.

One last thing: here are the competition terms and conditions. You will read them, won’t you?

UPDATE: Your entries so far have been stellar, but all good things must come to an end. We’ll be closing the competition at 6pm today (that’s Tuesday at 1800, army types).


Turns out that we had two Jawbone headsets to give away after all, so congratulations to Paul Wooding, for this little gem: 

Rehearsals for the Recombu office panto “Appy Bada and the 40 Operating Systems” are in full swing. In this scene Touchscreen Tom is fighting the evil (but massively energy efficient) Snapdragon.”

We will actually be putting this panto on in time for Christmas*, keep your eyes peeled for audition notices.

And special mention to JV Chamaray for this risque entry which had us all giggling:

Andy gets ready to experience the iPhone 4’s hidden feature: FacialTime

So that’s it for our first proper caption competition; stay tuned for the next…


*er, we won’t actually be doing this.



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