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Carphone Warehouse HP Wi-Fi only TouchPad up for pre-ordering: £399 for 16GB, £479 for 32GB, ETA mid July

Carphone Warehouse has just put up it’s pre-order page for the HP TouchPad. The semi-skimmed 16GB version of HP’s webOS 3.0 slate is going for £399 whereas the full fat 32GB-er is available to pre-order for £479.

All deliveries are free, with orders expected to be shipping in ‘mid June’ – nothing more concrete than that yet, datewise.

The HP TouchPad boasts a 9.7-inch touchscreen – same as the iPad – twin stereo speakers, a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon chip and HP’s genius ‘Touch 2 Share’ technology – the very cool NFC-style feature that allows you to share site links and photos simply by tapping a Pre 3 to the TouchPad.

There’s also full Flash-compatible web browsing, music syncing and the trademark webOS ‘deck of cards’ interface.

We’re sold on the idea of getting a Pre 3 and a TouchPad based on this alone – we love the idea that you can start reading a blog post or article on your phone, tap it to your TouchPad when you get in and carry on reading or watching on the bigger screen.


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