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Carphone Warehouse ‘Pin Points’ the pain in buying a phone

New in-store tablet service designed to give customers the ideal tariff, based on their individual needs.

Buying a new mobile can be a hideously complicated experience, so Carphone Warehouse has set up a new in-store service called Pin Point, which compares thousands of handsets and tariffs, combined with network coverage data, to give each customer their perfect fit. Pin Point not only looks at current needs but also shows customers what they can expect to pay in the future, to prevent any pant-soiling uber-bills.

Carphone Warehouse introduce Pin Point scheme

The idea of Pin Point is to keep the buying process as simple as possible. Customers can try it out on in-store tablets, answering a number of basic questions about how they plan to use their new mobile, both at home and when out-and-about. Pin Point then scours Carphone Warehouse’s database, containing more than 92,000 deals, to see which one works best.

Pin Point is rolling out across all 770 Carphone Warehouse stores nationwide, and we reckon it sounds like a great idea – with 4G tariffs now rife, choosing the right deal can be a real pain, especially when the choice of handsets is so huge. If you’ve already tried out Pin Point, or think you’re going to give it a go, let us know by leaving a comment below.


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