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Cassius launches interactive music video app for iPhone

It’s a big day for mouths on the App Store. We’ve already written about the Movember MoPhone app, and now French electronic duo Cassius have launched a video app that’s all about mouths.

It’s to promote their new release ‘The Rawkers EP’, and aims to be “the perfect modern declaration of love”, exhorting fans to “spread the love all round us”. Hippy-tastic.

How? Well, the app contains a music video made up entirely of mouths of all shapes, sizes, and wrongness-when-teamed-with-lipstick-and-moustache.

You double-tap to zoom in on individual mouths during the song, and can swipe to change them. The video can also be shared with friends on Facebook, while you’re encouraged to tap through to the iTunes Store to buy the EP. A very neat idea indeed.


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