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Castrol launches World Cup analysis app for iPhone

World Cup analysis? Ours will be sourced from a mixture of Gareth Southgate pontificating on the telly, and beery fat blokes in the pub loudly telling the world at large why Fabio Capello should have picked Theo.

Oh, and it’ll come from our iPhone too. Castrol has launched its Castrol Football iPhone App, which it says combines “the advanced technology and innovative in-depth analysis” that it’s renowned for.

Yeah, we thought they just made oil for cars too.

The app is pretty nifty though. It’s got a Castrol Predictor section that predicts how your country will do in the tournament, based on number-crunching from every international match in the last ten years, and 100,000 simulations of this year’s tournament.

Meanwhile, the app will also offer the Castrol Index, analysing every pass, tackle and move from every player in the tournament, and ranking their performances out of 10.

Arsene Wenger, Marcel Desailly and Alan Shearer are part of the app too, offering their analysis and opinions on the World Cup as it progresses.

Finally, there’s something called EDGE Penalty Analysis, which claims to be able to advise where players should place their penalty kicks during shoot-outs.

We’ve downloaded it, but more importantly, can someone get Capello an iPhone with this on board? Come the (potential) second-round match with Germany, that last feature could be invaluable…

Once the World Cup finishes, the app will switch to providing data on the Premiership, as well as the top leagues in Italy, France, Germany and Spain.


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