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CES Photos: Motorola Cliq 2 aka Motorola Dext 2

Remember keyboards? Like, hard, actual, non-touchscreen keyboards? So does Motorola! And they’re kicking it old school with the launch of the Cliq 2, or the Dext 2, as it will be known in the UK.

The phone combines Android 2.2 with Motorola’s own Motoblur social media interface/custom UI. There’s the ability to set three customisable home screens, with the idea being that it’ll allow you to separate your work, home and weekend life. Or perhaps the three separate parts of your crazy, mixed up personality.

Cliq – sorry – click on the numbers below or the arrow up and on the right for some more shots.

The Motorola Cliq’s screen is 3.7-inches, which doesn’t quite stack up particularly well against the glut of 4-inch+ announcements we’ve seen this week. Sliding the screen up reveals the hard keyboard underneath, which has increased key size for a better typing life (although slightly plastick-y, it doesn’t feel like the most high quality of Qwertys).

Business users will like the QuickOffice inclusion for viewing and editing documents, whilst everyone should like the fact that you can use it as a 3G hotspot. US keyboard lovers will get the phone in mid-January, but we’re yet to hear when it will hit the UK shores.


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