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Chatisfaction app for iPhone 4 lets you find FaceTime buddies

Got an iPhone 4 but nobody to FaceTime with? Developer Dirty Birds Interactive wants to help. Yes, I know the name sounds a bit dodgy, but bear with me. It’s launched an app called Chatisfaction, which aims to help iPhone 4 users find people to video-chat with.

It’s structured a bit like an online chat service, with users diving into categories to find people to connect with. Tapping on someone’s status initiates a FaceTime call to their phone, as long as you’re on a Wi-Fi network at the time.

“No matter what you are looking for, Chatisfaction has it,” runs the blurb. “If you are looking for a chat with someone in your local area, someone with similiar interests, or just testing out your new video enabled iPhone, Chatisfaction provides the gateway for you.”

A big warning: you have to register your handset by entering your number on the homescreen to receive a text message. However, this ONLY works for people on the AT&T network in the US – I paid £2.99 for the app on the UK App Store this morning before finding that out, since it’s not mentioned in Chatisfaction’s store listing. For shame.

The app listing is necessarily coy, but I suspect that people will see Chatisfaction as a route to saucy video-chat with strangers – although since it’s merely initiating FaceTime calls, the app should be safe from being kicked off the App Store, unlike iChatr.


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