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ChevronWP7 sells out of its 10,000 unlocks, more on the way?

Remember ChevronWP7? For a small fee of $9, you were able to unlock your Windows Phone, allowing you to sideload apps, and make modifications to the OS. From today, that’s no longer possible.

Turns out that the brains behind ChevronWP7 had an agreement in place with Microsoft – in exchange for cooperation and their blessing, Microsoft asked that only 10,000 tokens were sold. Apparently that limit has now been reached, which means the unlocking tool is no longer for sale.

According to Rafael Rivera, one of the team behind ChevronWP7, they now need to decide if they wish to request more tokens from Microsoft to continue the project. It’s not the first time tokens have been sold out, but it’s curious that such a slow trickle of tokens is employed and that they can sell out at all.

Until the team get their hands on some more tokens, you won’t be able to use ChevronWP7 to unlock your Windows Phone, but there are other methods available, such as The WindowBreak Project.

Source: The Next Web via The Verge