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Chinese tossers asked to knock one out for a non-knock-off iPhone 6s

A sperm bank in China is reportedly offering donors enough money to buy an iPhone 6s. 

Changjiang Daily News reports that men aged 24-45 in Hubei Province were asked to donate sperm to Shanghai Renji Hospital and receive cash, which could be put towards a new iPhone, in exchange. 

A WeChat post entitled ‘iPhone 6s buy a new program’ (via Google Translate) exhorted men to sell their sperm instead of donating kidneys, referring to the rumoured stories of Chinese teenagers flogging their organs in order to buy new Apple devices. 

The original article quotes the hospital offering up to 6000 yuan (£605) for a 17ml donation to the hospital. According to, the average male ejaculation yields 2 to 5mls. So even if you’re bringing your A-game every time, you’d need to make at least three donations before your got your hairy palms on the full cash prize. 

Following a ‘male-free’ medical exam, donors will be contacted via phone and given a 48 hour to 6 month window in which to make the deposit. Donors will also need to have a college degree as well as being free of infectious diseases. 

While parents have criticised the hospital, a Dr. Zhu, head of the sperm bank in question defended the promotion, pointing to difficulties in getting men to donate samples. 

Back here in the UK, the Guardian recently revealed that the UK’s national sperm bank has just nine registered donors, who are paid a comparatively paltry £35 ‘per session’. 

With Apple’s new touch-tronic devices hitting shelves imminently, British would-be buyers shy of a few bob might feel short changed by the National Sperm Bank’s current incentive scheme. 

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