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Chordbot for iPhone and Android is a chord-based songwriting app in your pocket

Chordbot is a clever little music composition app for iPhone and Android phones. Instead of just listing the notes of complicated chords, Chordbot allows you to create and play entire compositions on your phone.

This is a really useful tool for songwriters who and want to hear how different chords sound together and don’t have their guitar, grand piano or synthesiser to hand. 60 chord types are included along with 16 time signatures from basic 4/4 and 3/4 to more complicated 11/4 and 15/4 signatures.

Ingeniously you can save compositions as MIDI or WAV files and export them to Cubase or GarageBand later on. So if inspiration strikes on the Tube and you need to get a sketch of your waltz-time folk prog masterpiece down now before you forget it, you can.

There’s also an automatic song generator to get you started which will create songs in pop, jazz and avant-garde styles. Four pre-made songs come loaded to give you an idea of what you can do with the app. Our favourite is ‘Floydian Ascent’ a Richard Wright/Great Gig in the Sky-style piano thing.

There are free versions of Chordbot available for both platforms, which give you access all of the chords and signatures, but don’t allow you to export tracks or use the auto song generator.

The full versions cost £2.99 and 2.89 on iPhone and Android respectively.


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