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Smart Pants accessory protects your home button from accidental fondling

The Japanese are at it again. This time they’ve dreamed up a quite bizarre new accessory for your smartphone; Smart Pants. 

There are few countries considered wackier than Japan. So, that eccentricity accepted, the latest, previously under-considered, innovation from the Far East should come as no surprise: Smart Pants…

Some Japanese smarty pants' idea...

Smart Pants are the ‘brain’ child of the obviously overworked Hisashi Moriuchi, who not only thought that the idea of sticking a thong on your phone would be “funny” but also went on to propose: “The purpose of Smart Pants is partly to protect the home button of your smartphone from being accidentally pushed. People wear pants to protect their sexual organs, their most sensitive spot. Well, on Android phones, that’s the home button and the same with the iPhone. It just feels right to cover it up nicely.” Ah ha. Wait, what?

Skipping over Hisashi’s bafflingly misguided view of underwear existing to prevent any accidental pushing of the private parts, the idea is not totally without its merits for those who like to go caseless… or ‘commando’ as we may as well call it from here on in. Indeed the unintended touching up of the magic button on mobiles can often lead to inadvertent issues, so what better than some padded pants to prevent smartphone stimulation?

What a load of Smart Pants...

Selling for ¥200 (about £1.10) from – where else? – vending machines in Japan, the underwear-shaped rubberband that is, essentially, the Smart Pant comes in male and female fashions and, yes, phone protection prudes in the UK will be pleased to hear that Hisashi’s under-coverings for Androids will be available here soon. In the meantime, here’s a video


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