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Christmas phone fail: What to do with an unwanted phone?

Merry Christmas! If you opened your Christmas presents this morning to find a mobile phone that you don’t want, here’s what you can do. If the phone was bought from a high street shop then you may not be able to return it. As Rory Cellan-Jones from the BBC explains, in certain shops, “once you’ve bought the phone and signed the contract, you’re there for the duration, unless the equipment is faulty.”

Online phone purchases should give you a little more flexibility but either way we recommend that you contact the retailer as soon as possible. If you can’t return the phone then as a last resort you could sell it and keep the SIM card. Selling sites such as eBay, Gumtree and Amazon UK are worth investigating – you’ll get a better price if the phone is left untouched and in its box.

The following links will take you to the customer service web pages for most of the major phone retailers and networks: 3 Mobile, Argos, Carphone Warehouse, eXpansys, Virgin Mobile, O2, Orange, Phones4U, T-Mobile, Talk Mobile, Tesco Mobile and Vodafone.


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