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Chrome browser finally heading to Android devices

A mobile version of Chrome, Google’s popular and super-fast desktop browser, may be getting ready to launch on Android phones soon, according to a post on the Chromium Code site.

Chrome for Android is most definitely in the pipeline and looks set to bring much of the main features of the desktop browser; we’re hoping for the speed dial/smart home screen and tabbed browsing, which you can currently get with Opera Mobile and Dolphin Browser HD, but can’t get on the stock Android browser.

Hopefully this would also allow for easier bookmark syncing, along with easy link sharing between the desktop and phone browser. We’d be surprised if there wasn’t some kind of Google+/Google Account tie-in with all of this as well. Most of all though, we’re hoping for a superfast browser that comes installed on every Android phone.

Chrome for Android looks to be ready soon; perhaps the wrapping will be taken off during Samsung’s ‘Google Episode’ event at San Diego next Tuesday, where Ice Cream Sandwich and the Google Nexus Prime are also thought to publicly debut. We’ll know for sure a week tomorrow.

Source: Conceivably Tech via Android and Me


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