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Chrome Remote Desktop gets its own Android app. Access your PC anywhere

iconGoogle’s clearly in a sharing mood today, as following the release of a new camera app, Android user’s now have access to Chrome Remote Desktop too.

Google’s engineers took to the Chrome blog today to spill the beans on the new Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android. Building on Chrome’s computer-to-computer remote desktop capabilities, which have been in place since 2011, mobile users can now browse their PCs from anywhere, provided they’re switched on and connected to the internet.

If you’re retrieving local files from your own computer, or helping a friend out, you can now simply log in via the app, punch in a passcode and connect to a computer over either WiFi or a stable mobile data connection, it’s true remote access as we’ve always wanted.

To gain access to a computer remotely, beyond the face that it needs to be connected to the internet, you’ll need to head to the Chrome Web Store app from your web browser on an Mac or Windows machine and download the Chrome Remote Desktop plugin. Then follow the process to install and allow access to your PC and finally, set up a six-digit passcode. This last step it where the handshake between the mobile app takes place.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Hop on to your Android device (it needs to be running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher) and download the Chrome Remote Desktop mobile app from the Play Store. When you open It up, it’ll search for any connected computers linked to your Google account. Then it’s just a case of tapping that passcode in and your desktop will pop up on your phone or tablet’s display.

Naturally, the better the connection, the more stable the experience will be. This is arguable one of the most powerful new additions to Android yet one that Google doesn’t seem intent on making any sort of song and dance about. Sure, third-aprty solutions exist on iOS, but Apple’s yet to introduce such a flexible solution as Google’s under its own name.

Is this a handy extra or a new essential service that you’ll undoubtedly make use of? Let us know in the comments down below.



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