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Chrome to Phone: How to send links to your Android phone from Chrome and Firefox

One thing that we missed out from our round up of Froyo features is this incredibly useful link-syncing feature. Chrome to Phone for Android will change the way you browse the web on – and with – your Android phone.

Chrome to Phone, as its name suggests, lets you send links to pages you’re viewing on your desktop browser to your phone with a simple click. So if you’ve found a great blog post, recipe or game walkthrough in your lunch hour, you’ll be able to send the link to your phone for later viewing.

While Chrome to Phone doesn’t come with Froyo ‘out of the box’ so to speak (you’ll need to download an app) it’s currently only available on phones running 2.2. Don’t worry if you’ve yet to receive a Froyo update, or your phone isn’t in line to get it at all. There’s another sneaky workaround which will still allow you to sync links, albeit in a less elegant way.

In the guide below, we take you through how to get Chrome to Phone installed on your Android phone and show you where to get those all-important add-ons for Chrome and Firefox.

How to send links to your Android phone – for Froyo users

1. Those using Google Chrome as their desktop browser should go to the download section of the Google Chrome to Phone site and download chrometophone-extension-v0.5.crx.

Firefox users should go here to download the Send To Phone 0.8 extension.

2. Once your extension/add-on has finished installing, you’ll need to download the Chrome to Phone app to your Android phone.

You can do this on your Android phone if you go to the Chrome to Phone Download Site above and install the file directly to your phone, or click through on your desktop where you’ll find a QR code. Either way, you’ll end up with the Chrome to Phone app on your phone.

3. In addition to choosing a Google account to connect to, you’ll be asked whether you want links to launch automatically as they’re sent to your phone from the desktop or manually.

4. Once you’ve installed and set up the Chrome to Phone app on your phone you need to activate the extension on your desktop browser.

Chrome: The Chrome to Phone Extension should appear as an icon at the end of your navigation bar. Every time you want to send a link to your phone, simply click this icon

The first time you do this you’ll be prompted to log in with your Google Account details.

Firefox: Simply right click on any link or image and you’ll see the ‘Send this link/image to Android’ option appear. Do this and then a log in box will appear – enter your Google username and password here.

Links should now appear as notifications in the status bar at the top of your phone. That’s it! Drag the notif bar down, tap the link and bookmark it if you like. You’re done!

How to send links to your phone – for non-Froyo users

If your phone runs Android 2.1 (or lower) there is still a way to sync links to your Android phone but it’s nowhere near as convenient or elegant as just clicking a button or a menu command.

Google Docs is a free web-based word processor that allows you to save documents to a data cloud, from where they can be accessed by other computers – and your Android phone.

Head over to on your desktop browser (it works on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer) to set up Google Docs; you can sign in with your Google account. It doesn’t have to be the same Gmail and password you’ve used to set up your Android phone but it might make things easier if it is.

Once you’ve got Google Docs up and running, create a new document and call it something like ‘My Links’ or ‘My Bookmarks’. Get into the habit of saving any interesting links you come across into this document.

On your phone, enter in the browser, or to save time type in ‘Google Docs’ in the search bar.

Enter your username and password as before and look for your ‘My Links’ document. Open up this and you’ll be able to click on all the links you’d saved earlier. Job done!

Update: thanks to the recent launch of the new and improved Google Docs editor for mobiles, this process is now even easier.


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