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Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest all coming to Android

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, there’s been plenty of portable gaming news, with most of it revolving around Sony’s PS Vita.

Android managed to get a bite of the gaming action, with several of Square Enix’s biggest hits set to arrive on Android devices in a very official release – not the cheeky emulated version we-may-well-have-had-a-play-with-at-some-point. 

Arriving on devices some time into 2012, Chrono Trigger is the 1995 SNES hit, designed by the same artist responsible for Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball Z. It’s a time-travelling adventure that remains a hit with RPG fans even now. Being a time-travelling caper, you can expect multiple endings and a very broad range of characters.

Dragon Quest: Monsters is a Pokemon-style monster battler where you team up a bunch of monsters collected from around the world to do battle against other teams. The selection is rounded out with Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, which  may not be the greatest game to carry those two fs, but it’s also penned for an Android release soon.

Japanese gamers get even more good news with a dedicated Android Market set to arrive on Japanese phone networks, bringing the first two iterations of Final Fantasy alongside a handful of games that we’ve never heard of before.

Source: Famitsu


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