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ChumpDump app lets you weed out your Twitter feed

Mobile social networking is bringing hundreds of millions of people together, but one new app is bucking that trend, and trying to drive people apart. What’s more as its name implies, ChumpDump doesn’t aim to sugarcoat the process.

It’s an iPhone app based on Twitter. “ChumpDump is a game wrapped around the concept that odds are, you probably have a lot of chumps in your feed,” explains its App Store blurb. “Some of you know it, others are in denial. We’re bringing you face to face with the chumps in your list – time to decide, dump or save!”

What that means is that every day, you’ll be presented with a screen of stats of someone you follow on Twitter, including how many times they’ve replied to or direct messaged you, retweeted you, and their overall influence. You then have to choose whether to save or dump them.

The game mechanic wrapped around this involves earning ‘karma’, which can also be gained by adopting people dumped by other users of the app. There are also badges to earn, a bit like Foursquare.

ChumpDump is a free app, and a bit of fun. However, if your Twitter feed is getting clogged up, it could turn out to be pretty useful too, especially when you earn enough karma to unlock the feature that lets you dump more than one chump a day.


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