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Clash of Kings Dragon Campaign: Gameplay video and all you need to know

Clash of Kings Version 2.0 is finally here, adding the all-new Dragon Campaign to the massively popular Android/iOS mobile game. Here’s some exclusive gameplay footage from the Clash of Kings Dragon Campaign and news on the updated multiplayer gameplay, including the new Winter-themed do-over.

Mobile multiplayer strategy game Clash of Kings is celebrating reaching 80 million downloads with a massive update, taking it to Version 2.0. The much-anticipated Dragon Campaign allows you to team up with allies against alliances from other Kingdoms, while the update also adds new themes, challenges and other gameplay twists.

Check out the video below for our look at the new Clash of Kings Dragon Campaign.

The big new feature in Clash of Kings Version 2.0 is the Dragon Campaign cross-Kingdom competition, which takes place once a week. This two-hour battle allows you to form an Alliance with up to 50 players, to take on teams from other Kingdoms.

To win a competition, you simply need to occupy your opponent’s key buildings, which earns you battlefield points. Your troops can’t die and no resources are needed to heal any wounded soldiers.

At the end of the competition, the alliance with the most battlefield points will be declared the victor and receive more alliance points, to obtain a higher overall Clash of Kings ranking. And since you’re paired against teams with a similar Alliance Power in these competitions, successive victories will see you ascending to the top of the league.

Rankings will be determined every three months and rewards will be sent according to your latest position.

The all-new Legendary Heroes Event is another way of accruing special bonus prizes, by completing ‘extreme challenges’. You’ll be competing directly with other players and your final prizes will depend on how many points you gather, compared with the other competitors. Stay tuned for a special Christmas Eve event, which sees a 100 percent increase in the world resources and a 50 percent increase in gathering speed.

The Clash of Kings update also brings a new Winter scene, so you can pretend you’re the King of the North. You’ll be able to build a special Christmas Castle, which looks different in the world map, while your land will be covered in snow and ice to give it a festive feel. And the update also allows you to add prestige to the Barracks, Stable, Siege Engine, Factory and Range.

You can download the latest version of Clash of Kings right now for Android and iOS.


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