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Classic adventure game Monkey Island 2 swings onto iPad

As a device, iPad is tailor-made for classic adventures. Well, as long as their developers do a good job of translating traditional point’n’click interfaces to the touchscreen. Today sees the most high-profile attempt yet, with the release of Monkey Island 2 Special Edition:¬†LeChuck’s Revenge for iPad.

(Yes, it’s quite a wordy title).

It’s an update of one of the most marvellous adventures of all time, putting you in the shoes of amateur pirate Guybrush Threepwood. The graphics have been given a 2010 polish, there’s a proper voiceover and remastered soundtrack, and extra features including artwork and commentary from the original developers.

People get very excited about the Monkey Island series, partly through nostalgia, and partly because it was one of the first games on any platform to be genuinely funny. The question is whether the humour has dated well, although the impressed reaction to the iPhone version of the first Monkey Island game suggests it has. Incidentally, this sequel is also out for iPhone, although if you’ve got an iPad, that’s definitely the platform to play it on.


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