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ClickFree Transformer: Copy songs from your iPhone to any computer

Sometimes, the iPhone can be a right pest. For example, when you want to transfer music you legitimately own from your handset to a computer. I’m not talking about illegally downloaded tracks (you naughty torrentors play by your own rules, we’re straight-as-an-arrow here thank you), but tracks ripped off CDs you’ve paid good money for or bought digitally through iTunes or another service.

It’s always been a thorn in my side; but those days of bitterness are behind me at last. The ClickFree Transformer allows you to scoot songs from your iPhone to any desktop computer – even if your iPhone is Mac-formatted and the destination computer is a PC.

It’s a simple bit of hardware that you connect to the computer via USB, then plug your iPhone into; you can choose to back up files from your hard drive to the free space on your iPhone if you want, or just transfer music from your handset to your desktop. It’s brilliant if you’ve changed computers recently – no more pesky re-ripping of CDs, or faffing about with external hard drives etc. The only thing that won’t work is DRM music tracks – so anything you bought through iTunes before it changed its, er, tune will be locked to the iTunes account you bought it with.

Sure, there are a whole bunch of applications and programmes which promise to do the same thing, but the ClickFree transformer saves you the bother of wading through the hacktastically dodgy masses and makes it a five minute job. It’s not exactly cheap at £39.99 from Firebox, but if you’ve got several legacy iPods and old laptops kicking around, it might just be worth it.


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