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CloudTalk for iPhone and Android: Swiss Army Knife IM app does voice, videos, pictures as well as good old text

CloudTalk has released the latest version of its messaging app for iPhone and Android devices. CloudTalk allows you to send audio messages, videos and pictures to friends, alongside a standard IM/chat client, all under one slick looking UI.

The audio/voice messaging feature is particularly neat – you tap the little red microphone icon to the left of the text field and a little SoundCloud/Voice Memos style button pops up. You can then record a short voice message and send it to whoever. This makes CloudTalk useful as a back-up/replacement for your standard voicemail, as well as a new way to annoy your friends.

You can send pictures and videos from your phone’s gallery, or take/record new pictures and video directly from within a CloudTalk conversation. It really is an all-in-one does-everything messaging app.

As well as messaging friends one on one, you can also send pictures, videos and voice recordings out into group conversations as well. Group conversations can consist of your contacts, or can be public group discussions with the entire CloudTalk community. So there’s a wider social element to CloudTalk as well.

There’s currently no option to download or save pictures that people have sent you, something which we’d like to see in the future. It’s also a growing platform so in order to get the best out of CloudTalk, get your friends involved. Through the ‘People’ tab you can send out invites to friends via email and text. There’s also the option to log in to your Facebook and Twitter, and search for friends who are using CloudTalk via the social networks as well.

CloudTalk is free to download now for iPhone (iOS 3.0+) and Android phones (1.6 Donut+).


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