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The Collider 2 (iOS) tips and tricks: How to get three stars on every mission

Our Collider 2 tips and tricks guide for iPhone reveals how to get three stars (or shields or emblems or whatever they are) on every mission, unlock all of the ships and more.

Collider 2 has just launched on iOS, giving iPhone and iPad users the chance to blast through evil motherships at a breakneck speed.

Gameplay is very simple and perfectly suited to the touch-screen controls of iOS devices. Just move your ship with a swipe of the screen and boost your speed with a tap of the button, located in the bottom right corner of the screen. The ridiculous speed of the tougher levels demands some quick reactions, and while Collider 2 is easy to pick up, it’s also difficult to master and unlock all of the ships and sectors.

Here’s our Collider 2 tips and tricks guide to help you blast through every mission with a perfect three stars score.

Collider 2 tips and tricks: How to get three stars in every mission

Each Collider 2 mission comes with its own objectives, although all you need to do is reach the end of a level in order to complete it. However, your performance is rated out of three stars, which ties in directly to the specific mission objectives – and you’ll need to get high scores to unlock more levels, as well as level-up your character. 

Thankfully each Collider 2 mission generally takes a minute or less to complete, so you can retry them over and over to get the maximum three stars rating.

Before starting a level, check out its mission objectives. You can do this from the mission select screen: they appear to the right side of the screen, along with the coin reward for completion. You’ll be told exactly what to do for each star rating. So for instance, in a scout mission, you might have to reach the end in 38 seconds for a one-star rating, 35 seconds for a two-star rating or 33 seconds for a one-star rating.

Bear in mind that hitting ‘next mission’ after completing a level means you won’t have a chance to check out the objectives, so always return to the mission select screen instead.

Most Collider 2 levels are scout missions, which require you to reach the end as fast as possible. You’ll need to make full use of the boost button to do well in these, and collect the cooldown power-up to stop your boost from overheating. If you can’t hit three stars, don’t fret. Come back to the mission later when you’ve unlocked a better ship and this will be much easier.

You also have target missions in Collider 2, which has you destroying the red floating targets. Just line yourself up right and the ship will fire automatically. Likewise, there are collection missions which have you flying through blue floating ‘artifacts’. In both of these missions, speed isn’t important; just make sure you hit everything you’re supposed to.

At the end of each sector you’ll need to defeat a boss. Avoid all of its projectiles and fire at the red targets to take them down. You’ll need to destroy the boss as quickly as possible to get a three-star rating, so don’t hang around.

Collider 2 tips and tricks: Random tips

Orange credits are worth five times more than the normal yellow ones, so be sure to hit those when flying through levels as priority. Quite a few are usually dropped when a boss is defeated, so be quick!

The Shield power-up is very helpful in tougher missions, allowing you to fly directly through any obstacle. That’s particularly good for scout missions, where time is of the essence. Just hold down the boost button and go straight! Be sure not to fly into the walls however, as this will still kill you.

Don’t neglect the survival mode in Collider 2. Strong performances will net you some tasty rewards.



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