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ColorUp breathes life into black and white pics

ColorUp is an Android app which changes colour pictures from your gallery into monochrome versions and then allows you to bring out the colour in specific areas. This is done by dragging a circular brush tool over the areas you want revealed in colour, a bit like using magic markers.

You can change the size of the brush using the yellow slider bar and you can zoom in up close to make detailed adjustments. If you make a mistake and colour in an area you’d intended to leave in black and white, you can go over this again by selecting the ‘gray’ tool to make it monochrome again.

As fun as ColorUp is, it could do with an undo tool because mistakes happen. Although you can fix things if you accidentally colour in an area with the greying tool and vice versa, being able to tap an undo key once would be much easier.

ColorUp is available in both free and full versions ($0.99/£0.65). The free version allows you to play around with photos and get used to the controls but doesn’t allow you to save or share your artistic creations. Pictures are saved as jpegs and you can share pictures through Facebook and Twitter.


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