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Colorware iPad case makes your iPad look like a toy

This iPad case is made by Colorware but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was developed by Fisher Price. Not content with splashing your gadgets with bright colours (for a fair chunk of cash), Colorware has brought out its first physical product in the form of The Grip for iPad.

It’s not made with a great deal of protection in mind, though. The case just is really just a frame, albeit very precisely fitted. Still, it’s all about that handle for easy carry-ability.

In the grand tradition of Colorware, MobileMag is anticipating The Grip to cost around $300 (that’s about £188) – which is a lot more than we’d pay for a handle for anything, quite frankly. But if you’re feeling a bit flush and determined to make your iPad look like a toy then it’s the perfect product for you.


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