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Come up with an app idea and Samsung could make it a reality

We use apps every day, for all kinds of things from finding tube stations or working out budgets, to creating Lolcats and minor works of art. But it’s never really occurred to us to make our own app – probably because we’re lacking in the technical know-how department.

But all that could be about to change; Samsung has launched a competition to find the best Android app idea to work with its Galaxy Portal handset.You come up with the idea, submit it to Samsung via its Galaxy Portal website and an expert panel will draw up a shortlist from all the entries. It’s put to a public vote, then the winning app will be made and be available for free on the Android Marketplace.

It could be pretty exciting; the App world is literally your oyster. One judge, the Gadget Show’s Suzi Perry, says she’s looking for “ideas that are fun and inventive, or would be useful to my everyday life.” Without having to worry about technical constraints or shelling out mega-bucks to get an app made, you could be the godfather of the next Shazam!, iLightr or Tap Tap Revenge.

Oh, and if you’re the lucky winner you’ll get £2,000 for your trouble. Worth a go, isn’t it?