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Comedian John Bishop launches World Cup video apps

You might not know the name John Bishop, but if you’re in the UK you’ll probably know his face. The Scouse stand-up has been all over the telly in recent months, and now he’s launched his own World Cup app for iPhone and iPad.

There’s a cost – £2.99 for iPhone and £3.99 for iPad – but for that you’ll get daily video clips with John giving his opinions (hopefully with jokes) on the tournament.

“John Bishop will tell you what you really want to hear about the matches, the teams, the fans…and maybe, if he can bring himself to do it, even the WAGS,” promises its App Store blurb.

There’s also a soundboard feature which offers samples of Bishop shouting the things that you should be yelling at the TV during big matches. It should at least be 1,048% funnier than James Corden’s live World Cup show on ITV at least. More seriously, it’s interesting to see a comedian turning to the App Store as a way to make money from daily updates. Could more follow suit in the future?


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