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This Commodore phone is one for nostalgia nuts

Gamers old enough to remember (and treasure) the Commodore 64 will get a massive kick from this new Commodore-branded Android phone, which packs a built-in emulator to play the classics.

Computing company Commodore may have been dead and buried the past couple of decades, but a couple of Italian businessmen have resurrected the much-loved brand for a new throwback Android handset.

This Commodore phone sports the familiar logo on the back and will also come loaded with C64 and Amiga emulators, so you can get all misty eyed playing the likes of Jet Set Willy. And since it’s an Android-based blower, you should be able to hook up a compatible gamepad if you don’t fancy fiddling with on-screen controls.

The Commodore phone itself sounds like your standard palm-filling mid-range mobile. The 5.5-inch display packs a 1080p Full HD resolution, which should make those 8-bit graphics look gorgeously crisp. A 1.7GHz octa-core Mediatek processor runs the show and a 13-megapixel Sony camera is stashed on the back, probably the same lens used by the M4 Aqua.

At the front there’s an 8-megapixel selfie camera to capture your gaming face, and there’s support for dual SIM cards and 4G data too.

Expect the Commodore phone to hit the UK soon after its launch in Italy, France, Germany and Poland (no specific date just yet), with a price tag of around £249.


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