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Self-destructing ‘Confide’ messaging app is aimed at business types, hits Android

Confide app iconVanishing message app ‘Confide’ is aimed at business types who want to send messages that can only be read once before they self-destruct.

Teenagers use Snapchat for embarrassing selfies, executive types use Confide for confidential messages and emails. At least, that’s the aim behind Confide, a new app which lets users send disappearing messages.

The founders launched the app in January and predicted it would fit in well in the business world. Today, it’s a cross-platform messenger, available on Android 100 days after it launched on iOS.

In order to send a self-destructing message, the recipient also has to have Confide installed on their phone. The messages you send and receive are disguised behind little grey bricks, and only appear on your screen when you swipe over them. If someone tries to hack into your personal messages and attempts to take a screenshot, they’re wasting their time. The app will alert you if this happens, and the screenshot will only be able to grab a few characters of the message anyway. 

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Once you have closed the message, the message will self-destruct and be gone forever – just like those pesky 8 second Snapchats.

The Android version has now integrated with Android email so that you can send emails without worrying it will be read by the wrong pair of eyes. All you have to do is highlight some text in an email and you will see an option which allows you to share it through Confide.

Howard Lerman and Jon Brod, founders of Confide, said, “Any surface that a professional uses in their daily life, we want to bake Confide into that thread. What if you could Confide a document? Anything on a desktop? We’re not just a mobile messaging app – we consider ourselves a core service.”

For now, Confide is free but it will soon start charging for additional services. So head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to install it for free whilst you still can.

Do you use Confide? Find it useful? Waste of time? Let us know your thoughts by posting in the comments below.

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