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Confirmed: LG will officially launch the Optimus Pad at MWC 2011

The internet has recently been buzzing with news of the US-exclusive T-Mobile G-Slate, and now we Europeans can whip ourselves into a similar frenzy following LG’s announcement that they’ll be launching their own version at industry event, Mobile World Conference, later this month.

According to the Korean Press release, the T-Mobile branded tablet (pictured here) shown at CES in January will be called the LG Optimus Pad here in the UK (and everywhere else.)

The Optimus Pad looks like it’ll be an exact copy, aside from the name, of the T-Mobile G-Slate. It’ll be able to run high definition video on its 8.9-inch touchscreen, all powered by the meaty dual-core Tegra 2 graphics chip. There will also be 32GB of internal storage, but we’re hoping that’ll be expandable- HD video takes up a lot of space.

We like the look those dual back-facing cameras meaning the tablet will be able to record its own 3D films, similar to LG’s incoming phone, the Optimus 3D, though the tablet will require 3D glasses to view. There will also be a third, front-facing camera for videochat.

The Optimus Pad will also be loaded with the brand-spanking new Android Honeycomb- that’s 3.0 for number fans.

Shown-off earlier this week, Honeycomb hopes to bring a true tablet experience to Android, with plenty of navigational tweaks and optimisations to all that Google goodness.

More info from Mobile World Conference in Barcelona- it’s just over a week away.

Via: Android Community


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