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CONFIRMED: UK HP TouchPads to get prices snipped to £89 and £115, tomorrow

UDPATE: Now Dixons’ PR man has confirmed the new pricing, stating that the whole Dixons group, including Currys and PC World, will stock the bargain-priced TouchPad from tomorrow.

Get a pinch  fistful of salt at the ready – we’ve got a rumour-heavy update.

As hundreds of Twitter users in the UK attempt to sniff out a bargain tablet/ pick from the bones of HP’s mobile dream, a tentative price drop to £89 and £115 looks to be the going rates for the 16GB and 32GB devices, respectively.

This is according to one user who was in contact with someone from the HP UK sales-team. Earlier, rumours also suggested that HP had revealed similar pricing to HP TouchPad resellers.

Several tech insiders and journalists have been told that they will hear something on the price-cuts later this afternoon – including site updates.

The HP TouchPad has sold out across the US following the whopping 75% discount – not exactly surprising news. If the rumours are true, will you be rushing to the shops for a cut-price TouchPad tomorrow?

More details on stockists, and official confirmation, when we get it.


Source: Twitter


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