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Connect your PS3 controller to your Xperia Play – and other Android phones

It’s been out for around a month, but this clever app-based mod has just appeared on our radar, allowing you to use that PlayStation Sixaxis controller to control games on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

You will need to have enough technical know-how to root your Xperia phone, and then connect your controller to a PC to manually connect them. But then, you should find the controller works on Android games optimised for the Xperia Play, PlayStation suite games, and those sneaky emulators.

Here’s the Sixaxis Controller app in action.

The app is priced at £1.03, with a free compatibility app also out from developers Dancing Pixel Studios. Allowing users to try it out on other phones makes sense; the Xperia Play already has physical controls – we want it on our big-screened Xperia Arc with its dedicated HDMI output. The app also supports up to four controllers – may we suggest a spot of Super Bomberman?