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Control your central heating from anywhere in the world using your iPhone

It may be summer now, but we’re only four months from Christmas and winter is just around the corner. Here at Recombu HQ we dream of getting home to a toasty warm flat of a winter’s day, whether we’re home early, late or bang on time.

This is why we’re pretty interested in the PassivEnergy iPhone app – a tool to control your heating system from wherever you happen to be in the world. No more must you panic throughout your two-week holiday that you’ve left the heating on high, nor must you shell out for evening heating when you end up on an impromptu night out after work.

You can turn the heating on and off using the app or change the temperature as you wish. The catch is that you need the rather expensive PassivEnergy heating system installed in your home. This includes installation of a number of sensors and receiver around your home, which you can control via Wi-Fi using either your iPhone or the rather snazzy PassivEnergy remote control.

The app itself is free to download – if you have the PassivEnergy system already installed, then happy days – you’re all set. If not, however, it’ll set you back a minimum of £395 plus installation and service charges. Find out more here.


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