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Cool keys: Pelikon MorphTouch and Morphpad

Last night we saw UK-based development firm Pelikon showing off its MorphTouch concept on BBC Click. The MorphTouch is a giant context-sensitive keypad that shifts functions depending on what application you’re using.

The BBC Click clip, currently available on the BBC iPlayer, shows off the MorphTouch in action. You can see someone shifting through a full Qwerty keypad for typing emails, pause/play and skip buttons for music and gaming controls for a spot of Pac Man.

The MorphTouch keypad can apparently be added to existing phones for less than $10 per phone and Pelikon is hoping to team up with the major handset makers by the end of the year.

In addition to the MorphTouch keypad, Pelikon has also developed a smaller version for use with smaller phones, called the Morphpad. The Morphpad uses similar technology to the MorphTouch but is designed to be used with one hand.

We’re told that the the drain on the battery is minimal. It’s early days yet for the company so it’s hard to say when we’ll see Morphpads appearing on handsets but we’re going to be keeping a close eye on this so we’ll keep you posted. For more information about the MorphTouch and Morphpad, visit the Pelikon website.