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CoPilot Live Premium for UK and Ireland out now for iPhone, iPad and Android phones

CoPilot Live Premium, the latest version of the sat nav app, has been released for iPhone, iPad and Android phones, bringing with it a bootload of new features. This is an entirely new version of the previous app, hence the Premium tag, and is available to download now.

The main plus about this new Premium version of CoPilot Live is that instead of your usual start to finish, the app will choose up to three different routes for you, giving you a range of options instead of just a single A to B shortest route. The distance and average time taken is displayed with each route, so you can weigh up which option to take.

If you subscribe to the ActiveTraffic service (an extra £9.99 for a 12 month subscription) you’ll also be sent live traffic info as it comes in; your routes will be automatically update if there’s a sudden pile-up on the roads ahead.

If you need to correct or change your destination, then you can easily drag the red finish flag from one place to another, and the app will recalculate your route for you. Saves you from having to put in all that info again; just make sur eyou’ve pulled over and stopped your car before doing this.

There’s a handy ‘find my car’ option, allowing you to pin a location on a map and then find your way back for when you’re walking on foot.

CoPilot Live Premium also integrates Wikipedia and Bing search into Points of Interest. The former search option in particular is pretty cool; simply type in an area or postcode name and CoPilot Live Premium will comb Wikipedia articles, looking for a nearby restaurant and other places of importance.

At £14.99/£24.99 it’s a bit expensive for an app, but when you factor in the cost of your phone along with that and it’s a steal when you consider the prices of standalone sat-navs.


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