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CoPilot Live v8 for Android and Windows Mobile: 20 per cent off throughout April

Sat-nav saviour ALK, makers of the CoPilot app, has announced a timely 20 per cent discount on its iPhone and Android apps, starting tomorrow.

The deal is due to last for the entirety of April this year, ostensibly, to tie in with the Royal Wedding.

Or rather, the sudden spike in holiday bookings people appear to be making. The CoPilot press release points to travel agents noting “a massive surge in enquiries about April holidays.” We’re presuming that these are all holiday bookings for London hotels…

If you’re one of the ungrateful peons who won’t be in attendance, then we assume that you’ll be interested in getting CoPilot Live v8 on your or Android phone for your April getaway.

The CoPilot Live app, which features turn by turn voice navigation and real-time traffic info, normally goes for £26.99 direct from CoPilot, and includes all road maps for the UK and Ireland. With the discount applied, this should fall to £21.60.

If you’ve got a continental jaunt planned, then there’s an European version of CoPilot Live as well. Usually priced £57.99, this should drop to around £46.40.

The deal also extends to include Windows Mobile devices. To clarify, that’s Windows Mobile, and not Windows Phone 7. So if you’re still rocking old school Win Mo 6.5 and you’ve not bought CoPilot yet, hold off until tomorrow to get some money off.

Sadly, this deal does not extend to the iPhone edition of the app.

As Royal Wedding tie-ins go (however tenuous) this is one of the better ones we’ve seen. It’s not quite as awesome as Alcatel’s £15 Wills ‘n Kate phone though.


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