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Cortana hitting the UK this month

A Microsoft source confirms that the UK will be getting the Cortana voice assistant in June 2014.

We’ve already had rumours that the Windows Phone 8.1 voice assistant Cortana will slink her way onto UK phones in June, and now it’s been confirmed, courtesy of an unnamed Microsoft source. No exact date has been given, and of course there’s always a chance it’s going to be pushed back, but at least it’s a better estimate than ‘some time this year’.

Cortana coming to the UK in June 2014 at last!

Cortana’s imminent UK arrival is great news for anyone who’s already run out and bought the Nokia Lumia 630, the first Windows Phone 8.1 handset, which we liked quite a lot. You’ll no longer have to do the annoying workaround to get Cortana on your mobile, which involves putting up with an irritating American keyboard and other nuisances.

With more Nokia Lumia smartphones due out very soon, including the flagship Lumia 930, we’re expecting the Cortana fan club to expand pretty quickly here in Blighty. Check back soon for full reviews of those phones, and for now, here’s the other two voice assistants, Siri and Google Now, facing off in a grudge match…



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