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Could Chef be the best iPad cooking app yet?

For many people, iPad is predominantly a home device, whether used for tweeting and surfing from the sofa, reading e-books or watching films in bed, or… cooking?

Trust us, iPads are going to be used in the kitchen lots, thanks to some impressive cooking apps. Epicurious has already stolen the hearts of many foodie iPad owners, but now it’s got competition in the form of Chef for iPad. It’s a spin-off from the Chef’s Little Helper web community, and joins an existing iPhone app.

On iPad, Chef lets you create a ‘digital cookbook’, entering your own recipes, or nabbing them from the 12,000+ on offer from the website. The apps sync up with the website too, so you can find apps online, and have them automatically appear in the iPad version for offline viewing.

But the best feature is the way you can create shopping lists from individual meals, which also sync across iPhone, iPad and the website.¬†Automatically add a recipe’s ingredients to your list, take your iPhone out, and buy them all. You can even order the list according to the aisles of your local supermarket, thanks to a feature that lets you tweak the settings.

Can’t cook, won’t cook?¬†Chef for iPad might change your mind.


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