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Crapps Episode Three: Death

Crapps Episode Three takes a look at the most horrifying death-related apps on the App Store. Horrifying in all the wrong ways, of course.

Kick To Kill: Banker Edition

Proving that there’s no love lost for banking folk, this joyful little game encourages us to put the boot to our besuited city chums. With a colourful range of kicking devices to choose from, this murder sim will appeal to the whole family, and teach your sprogs a valuable life lesson about killing people who are richer than you.

How Will You Die

If you’re curious about how you’ll eventually shed your meaty frame and shuffle off to the afterlife, don’t bother downloading How Will You Die. After answering some rather pointless questions, your means of death will probably be cruelly truncated to keep you in further suspense.

Today He Will Die

Another game about death, but this time you’re trying to prevent the premature demise of the bespectacled hero. Main features include endless frustration and a complete lack of logic.


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