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Create your own ringtones with Ringdroid for Android

We’ve mentioned this Android app a couple of times here on Recombu and have been using it for ages. It was one of the first apps we downloaded and as such we couldn’t quite believe that we haven’t already written a proper review of it.

Ringdroid is a really easy to use app that allows you to cut out a specific section of a song from your phone’s music library and set it as a ringtone.

Songs are displayed as a wave form on the screen. You select a section of a song by dragging and dropping the sliders to the part you want. You can listen to the song in Ringdroid so you’ll know whereabouts on the screen you’ll need to place the sliders.

Best of all you can assign customised ringtones to individual contacts directly from Ringdroid, so if you want the second guitar solo from November Rain to peal out every time your girlfriend calls, you can make that happen.

Ringdroid can edit most common music files including MP3, AAC, MP4, WAV, 3GP and AMR. As it can edit WAVs, this means that you can import your own amazing auto-tuned creations made with the MicDroid app.

Ringdroid is free to download from the Android Market. The latest version works on any Android phone running 1.6 and above but if you’re still stuck in 1.5 territory, you can download an early version here.


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