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Crocodile doesn’t find Nokia phone hard to swallow, but does give it stomach ache

Who needs gorilla glass? When a tourist accidentally dropped their phone into the water at a Ukrainian aquarium, a crocodile, thinking it was food, swallowed it.

Though employees were initially sceptical, when the croc started emitting ringtones, they decided to get the experts in. We knew Nokia phones have always been pretty tough, but…

Since swallowing the phone, Gena the crocodile, right, has been refusing food, and staying away from other crocs.

Chief vet, Oleksandr Shushlenko, said that Gena would be x-rayed next week if he was still continuing to refuse food. The phone’s owner is still hoping to get the sim card back, as it still houses all of her contacts and pictures.

Surgery would be a last resort, said Shushlenko: “Everything will depend on where the foreign body is located. We don’t have much experience working with such large animals.”

Via; Associated Press


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