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Cross-platform mobile gaming is the future, we hope


When we were at school there were always heated playground debates about which console was better, the SNES or the Mega Drive. It’s getting to be like that with mobile apps and games. The iPhone is obviously leading the way with innumerable titles available from the iPhone app store but the Android Market is swiftly catching up. If you’ve got an iPhone though and you wanted to play against your mates but they’ve all got Android phones then you’re kind of stuck. Or maybe not.

Two developers have posted a video to YouTube showing them playing Homerun Battle 3D, a Wii Sports-esque baseball game, against each other using an iPhone and a Motorola Droid. We think this opens up huge possibilities for mobile gaming. Being able to download the same title on different phones and play with friends would be amazing. It would take mobile gaming away from the console-style system of gaming and more towards a PC gaming environment. People play Team Fortress 2 and World of Warcraft on a plethora of different machines so we don’t see why this couldn’t happen with mobiles as well.

Homerun Battle 3D is available to buy now for iPhone and iPod Touch for $4.99 (about £3.15). Unfortunatley it isn’t available on Android Market yet.

[Source: UnwiredView via IntoMobile via touchArcade]