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Love Crossy Road? Buy the t-shirt…

If you’re addicted to hit mobile game Crossy Road, good news! You can throw your cash at the official merchandise store for Crossy Road licensed t-shirts.

We never thought we’d say this, but the Crossy Road official online store has now gone live, offering a range of tees for men, women and children. The selection is limited for now but you can pick up a handful of designs featuring the blocky characters from the game, and soon the store will expand to offer an extensive range of clothing.

In the coming months you’ll be able to pick up Crossy Road trousers, Crossy Road PJs and nighties, Crossy Road onesies and even Crossy Road underwear. Imagine the look on your partner’s face when you disrobe, to show off the gormless chicken adorning your loins. Priceless.

Actually, not quite priceless. The Crossy Road tees cost £16.99 a piece for adults or £13.99 for kids, and the store generously offers same day dispatch, with free worldwide delivery. Get those orders in, kiddies.


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