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CryptoPhone spy-denying handset skirts the spooks

The countless smartphone spying scandals of late have left people asking one important question: what is the price of privacy? Well, $3500 actually – the price of the GSMK CryptoPhone…

Thanks to serial secret-leaker Edward Snowden, there can be few people left in the techified world who don’t feel like their previously presumed-paranoia has been thoroughly justified. Smartphone-sneaks at the NSA and GCHQ have been monitoring the mobiles of politicians and potential terror-types on the sly for ages, whilst – worse still – the wrong ’uns running the red-tops have been hacking the handsets of all and sundry, from celebrities to crime-sufferers, just for headlines.

Which is why ESD America created the GSMK CryptoPhone – a call-scrambling smartphone that, once a mere novelty item, is now so in demand that the manufacturer can’t keep up.

ESD America's CryptoPhone - mum's the word

Starting out life as a Samsung Galaxy S3, all standard software is stripped and replaced with an über-secure version of Android’s OS that’s been specially tweaked by German firm GSMK which then leaves the reinvented S3 free from all security flaws and imbued with the power of spy-denying call encryption.

But, being Bond-like was never going to be that easy and such covert calls can only be made and received on CryptoPhones, so you’ll need to find an equally paranoid pal. Once you’ve done that, a secure connection has to be created between handsets, achieved by each setting up a cryptographic key based on a random sampling of background noise. This done, all communication is then completed on the individual CryptoPhones, with no data having to pass through potentially compromised carriers.

Smartphones securer than the NSA itself

So successful has the CryptoPhone become since Snowden spilled his first beans, ESD America now have 100,000 handsets out there plying their top-secret trade worldwide – furtive-phones to frustrate both NSA spooks and newspaper scoops alike.



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