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Cufflinks that double up as a WiFi hotspot from Brookstone


Making an impression in the boardroom and pushing your geeky friends to squeal has never been easier. Brookstone’s new WiFi cufflinks are sure to impress with their smooth polished silver design and covert connectivity.

It true 007-style, these cufflinks create their own WiFi hotspot when paired with a hard-wired PC. After downloading the accompanying software, you plug the USB hotspot to your PC or laptop and hey-presto. So you can sit back and relax as you shirt becomes an extension of your office.

In addition to weaving a little tech into your 3-piece-suit, the cufflinks also double as a USB-storage device, with 2GB of space.

How much I hear you cry … these little beauties will set you back $249.99 direct from Brookstone, with postage of around $27.50 on top – so not cheap.


Via Engadget


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