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Cut The Rope 2 (iOS/Android) game review

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Om Nom, the inquisitive, diabetes-bound little green creature is back for another instalment and this time he encounters a cast of new characters on his travels.

Cut The Rope 2 is the latest release in ZeptoLabs’ CTR saga, despite actually being the fourth title in the lineup (think the Halo franchise). Once again you guide the candy-obsessed Om Nom as he travels through different regions of the world, meeting a number of equally adorable and unusual creatures (collectively called ‘Nommies’) along the way, as he tries to retrieve his stolen stash of candy, taken by the crafty spiders you may remember from previous games.

Whist the animated Om Nom Stories are a great way to see how Om Nom and these characters meet, it’s the game where you’re actually able to utilise their powers. Each chapter of the game is themed on a particular setting, with each area playing host to one unusual character.

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You’ll meet Roto in the forest, Lick at the sandy dam, Blue in the junkyard, Toss hanging out at the city park and Boo in the underground. As their names suggest, each of Om Nom’s new pals has a unique ability that you’ll need to make it through the levels. Sometimes you’ll even find a variety of Nommies in a single level.

Roto’s helicopter-like heads allow them to fly along a path, whilst at the same time grabbing hold of objects and even Om Nom himself. Lick can actually bridge gaps with his sticky tongue, like a child-friendly Agent Smith, Blue has the ability to make copies of himself that stack into towers, Toss’s spring-like head can propel things into the air and Boo can jump out and scare Om Nom. Why exactly, we’re not sure, but he seems to get some sort of strange kick from it.

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What really shines about this game is the difficulty curve; every area eases you into the new mechanics the Nommies introduce, whilst at the same time never feeling infuriatingly impossible or overtly simple. Despite 100 levels to kick things off, Cut The Rope 2 is a little short and we’re still holding out for a few more scenarios to untangle, but since the game’s launch at the end of last year, nothing has emerged.

Our advice would be to dip in an out when you have a moment, extending the longevity and brightening up your day. For the completionists out there, there are also medals, clovers and achievements to collect and the aforementioned Om Nom Stories to watch. You can even deck Om Nom out in various hats, change the candy and grab a helping hand with some in-app purchases.

iOS users can grab Cut The Rope 2 for £1.99, whilst Android and Amazon Apps users can get it for the grand old price of free (links below). We highly recommend that you give this latest Cut The Rope a try, Om Nom and his friends are ready waiting.


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